Dating military men from cf

"Work dress", as it was commonly known, was a more informal uniform, originally for day-to-day wear in garrison or on base, out of the public eye.

It usually consisted of work trousers and either a dress shirt or work shirt, with an optional sweater; Army personnel wore a disruptive-pattern jacket.

Operational dress uniforms are designed for wear in combat conditions.

They are intended to be adjusted for comfort and practicality; therefore only naval combat dress has lettered variants.

Full dress for members of the Royal Canadian Navy includes a navy blue tunic and trousers with white facings, although the Canadian Forces dress instructions state that naval full dress is no longer issued.

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Although the Canadian Armed Forces are a single service, the respective environmental commands are issued Distinctive Environmental Uniforms (DEU) unique to each command.

For everyday work wear, in environments or occasions where the CF greens would not be appropriate, personnel were issued the Work Dress uniform.

This consisted of rifle-green work trousers; a zippered rifle-green work jacket; a "lagoon green" work shirt; and beret.

Though accommodation was made for army regiments' ceremonial uniforms (kilts for Highland and Irish Regiments, for example), no allowance was made for the Navy or Air Force, with the exception of a rifle-green wedge cap for optional wear by the latter.

The traditional Navy and Air Force rank names were replaced by the army equivalents, with naval-style rank badges for officers and army-style for non-commissioned members. However, the Air Force retains what had formerly been considered "army" rank (but which is similar to that used by the air forces of many other nations).

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