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Before we dive into those key areas, though, we need to pause and ask a more foundational question: Is this relationship one that you should even be in? Although a word search in Scripture for ‘dating’ won’t give you any results, it has plenty to say about it.

For example, Paul tells widows that they can marry anyone they like, but ‘only in the Lord’ (1 Corinthians ).

Although dating isn’t marriage, it’s the first clear step toward it.

And while God designed marriage to give us joy, on an even deeper level he created it to reflect his relationship with us (Ephesians -33).

‘Well, I’m in a relationship now.’ After over 15 years in ministry to college and (now) graduate students, my wife and I often hear this when we ask how they’re doing.

Our first response is to rejoice, remembering how thrilled we were on our first date.

Nothing gets done until they submit to the yoke and learn to work together.In my experience, most Christians already know that dating a non-Christian is wrong.It’s not like they’re oblivious and just waiting for someone to clue them in.More commonly, guys begin seeing a woman outside the faith because she’s physically attractive and they start to develop a relationship.Let’s be honest: our culture places a huge premium on physical appearance, and guys, being visually-oriented, are especially susceptible to falling off the wagon here. This is somewhat anecdotal, but there just don’t seem to be that many godly men around.

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