Dating photos genealogy

When we look at our old family photos one of the first things that is brought to our attention is the clothing. What our ancestors wore and what accessories that appear in the photograph can also help us.One website that can help you discern the different clothing and their periods is the She Knows site., a cost-effective way to get an expert opinion on your photo mystery.Contact me here if you’d like me to speak to your group on historical photography or fashion, family history or related topics. There are so many clues that can help you date this old photograph: the animal skin prop, the clothes worn by the baby, the photographic format and the photographer’s imprint. You may have amassed many family photographs through the years.You may be surprised to learn that an old photograph can bring you closer to your ancestors.

or perhaps she cared little about fashion and was always a few years behind.

Another aspect of a photograph that may draw your attention is the background.

The details that are behind our ancestors can also give us a clue as to the date of the photograph.

Here are several sites that can help you put your aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents on the right branches of your family tree.

Even if you think you’re on the right track, identifying fashions can help you confirm information.

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