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Progress through the five tiers of a rank to get promoted to the next rank.Specifically, to gain rank score in the game you must: However, you can still lose rank based on several factors.After calibration, your MMR and rank will become more stable and you’ll start to rank up more slowly.

Now, let’s talk about how the ranking system of Underlords works in detail.

In this guide we’ll teach you how to rank up and how the ranking system works in Underlords, backed by statements from official Valve guys. medals) and rank tiers that you can earn in the game.

And why did I lose rank levels even when I placed first?!

According to Valve, it depends on the following factors: The game predicts where we are estimated to place in a match, and we gain or lose MMR based on our performance compared to where we actually place. Valve explained that this was a balance between “punishing” players for too many losses, and losing the sense of accomplishment from achieving a higher peak score in a season. Dota 2 for example has a length of around 6 months (half a year) for each season.

At the start of every season, all rankings will be recalibrated.

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