Dating sites top referrers 2016

However, Direct traffic may also consist of users who reached the site in other ways.Other common instances of Direct traffic include: As you can see, Direct traffic can encompass a wide range of sources, including those you would have liked to have tracked in analytics.Essentially, Direct sessions occur any time Google Analytics cannot determine another referring source or channel.This differentiates Direct traffic from other default channel groupings like Organic, Referrals, Social, Email and Paid.Why is that all requests starting from #8 have as the referer?

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Referer spoofing is the sending of incorrect referer information in an HTTP request in order to prevent a website from obtaining accurate data on the identity of the web page previously visited by the user. Attached you have a working Po C with an XSS-Filter bypass […] 1) Inject an i Frame on the vulnerable URL.

Then come requests #3 and #4 where both have as the referer.

Finally request #5 also with But what happens after that?

When the client first came to you, you talked up the value of Google Analytics.

You emphasized the importance of seeing where your traffic was coming from.

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