Dating stationary engines

He is famous for a number of his designs, which included much of the early cinematography equipment, and worked with such luminaries as S. de Ferranti and William Friese-Greene (the cinema pioneer).

But for classic motorcycle enthusiasts, he is best known for the range of motorcycle engines his company produced The company, J. Prestwich Ltd., was founded in 1895 when Prestwich was in his early 20s and continued in the production of various components until 1963.

They have a website at I found them most helpful for parts for a Villiers engine on a mower.(They also stock Villiers, Jap, BSA and Kohler parts). Peter, Thanks for pointing out the incorrect spelling of the name. The 4/2 was 245cc, 2.4bhp @ 2400rpm, Wico Mag A576BZ. Hi, First time posting in here, I tend to refurb a lot of old engines these days and have a JAP model 0 engine that I have more or less finished however, would anyone here know what the ignition timing is for the model 0 as I was under the impression that it was around 4 deg BTDC ?

) As for spares, second-hand stuff is available from auto-jumbles here in the UK if you know someone here to get it for you, or for new/old stock parts try Meetens Industrial engines Ltd. :-)) We have an original JAP manual for the 4/2, 4/3, 5 and 6, and while we can't offer copying or scans due to time pressures, we can extract information from the book and pass it on. so if somebody need parts ..for sale ..whole engine!

Cheers Scott Hello all Well I'm blowed if I can figure out the charts.

John Alfred Prestwich was an English engineer, designer, and businessman. The first motorcycle engine developed and sold by J. Although his engines powered motorcycles of his own design for a short time, they earned a reputation for power and reliability needed by other manufacturers. Any information on the history of these motors would be helpful, sorry I cant post images as the file is too big and I dont know how to reduce them in size regards Cosmo Could be 1951 too.This one is a lot better then the first link I posted.The first one is bad in comparison in the explanation.I'll be printing and keeping this link. The webby thingo is full of JAP dating guideshttps://

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