Dating the hearing impaired

People tend to associate hard of hearing with old people, so people often say to me, “Oh, yeah, my Nan wears a hearing aid, we shout at her. Chuckle chuckle.” I would be a very rich woman if I had a pound for every time I heard that, and yep, I mean ‘heard that’ because I can still hear things.

When I am at work, I tell people from the off that I am hard of hearing and for them to please look at me when they are speaking to me or keep their hands away from their mouths.

I guess I don’t want to embarrass people and make them feel like they are not including me.

There can be some real perks of dating someone with a hearing impairment – we can get you into the theatre for free or cheap – same with the train.

He didn’t know what to say, so he offered to take me for a ride on his massive motorbike – not a euphemism – around London and buy me dinner. You can mishear totally which results in jumping up, turning on the lights and saying, “you want to do what to me?!

” Again, true story, and I won’t tell you what I thought he was saying.

” I explained my hearing loss and he replied, “why do deaf people do this?

I was chatting to a guy who looked cute and we had a bit of banter by email.We want to put an end to this, break down barriers and maybe even fall in love.Update: Jennie’s story has inspired Malteaser’s to create an advert based on her story. I have degenerative hearing loss, which is believed to be linked to a heart condition I have called long QT, also known as sudden death syndrome.A lot of us can lip-read conversations that you were never meant to know about and get all the gossip. Though dating someone with hearing loss can be awkward at times.When you are getting down to things and having a good old snog, the last thing you want is your hearing aids whistling every time the hot man – in my mind he is always hot – puts his fingers through your hair.

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