Dating tips in france

Just think of the efforts you will have to make to keep this ‘rational relationship’ going and then find the courage to leave and finally be free to make the right choice. No circumstances oblige you to sacrifice your heart.

Look at Cécilia Attias, who divorced Nicolas Sarkozy (while he was president), or Eleanor of Aquitaine, who dumped a French king and gave half of France to England. Something so much better is waiting for you around the corner.

Learn how to make that fear something familiar that you tame, something that concerns nobody but you.

You are suffering from what is known as happiness vertigo.

So take a step back as you would if you were at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Work, go out, cultivate your friendships and invest time in the things you’re curious about.

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Is it because of how many children they had or for their successful marriages? Some of them may have been unhappy in love, but they were adventurers, writers, politicians and fighters.

So let him moan, listen to him a little, but do not put yourself in his place.

Empathising with him too much brings down the mood, makes you seem like you are his mother and, to put it in a nutshell, kills love!

They grabbed hold of life and defended love in other ways.

So yes, being in a couple is important, but it is far from everything. But hold on – nobody’s asking you to give up anything.

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