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Sure, you can support someone in that change – whether that’s to get fit, or to give up a vice – but you can’t force it upon them. The desire to turn back time Instead of, as in point 2, wanting to impress their fathers, some women want to right a bad relationship they had with their dads.

In this case they choose someone who behaves in the same way as their father in order to try and fix those bad memories – albeit in a roundabout way. Bad boys may be fun for the night, but they’re no good to plan a future with.

But why do so many women find themselves falling for bad boys in real life? While society may have you believe it's just the way that bad boys comb their hair, rock leather jackets, or walk into a room like they own the place, it's been shown that women are actually scientifically more attracted to men with deviant personality types.

As noted in , a study of nearly 1,000 men and women revealed that people with pathological personality characteristics, such as impulsivity, imprudence, and narcissism, had more sexual partners and an increased number of children when compared to those who didn't share these same personality traits.

Additionally, ovulating women also believe that these kinds of quintessential bad boy characteristics, including an adventurous attitude and an alpha male mindset, make these men far better candidates as fathers and providers for their potential children.

It’s a big ego boost to think you can be the only one to ‘save’ someone.

Truth is, as we’ve said many times on these pages, you can’t change someone, they can only change themselves.

Further, a study in the revealed that having low-self esteem can actually lower relationship satisfaction for both you and your partner.

It's never been more important for you to start valuing yourself and what you have to offer so you can finally find the right man who'll treat you right. , people who feel good about themselves and have high self-esteem can appear more physically attractive to others.

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