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As soon as he moved in, it was as though a weight had been lifted. “Once I moved into my new place,” he explains, “I was faced with the logistical possibility of bringing someone else home, which was never a prospect when I was living with Justine.” A few weeks later, he and Justine broke up.There’s just one problem: Lately he’s been thinking his new roommate is pretty cute. If you have a relationship/dating question I can help answer, you can send me your letters at I know that when I made the decision to allow an extremely attractive stranger to live with me I was taking a dangerous step. You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

She had reservations about living with a man but figured she would meet him.

Soon after, we were having lunch together almost every day (we worked near each other at the time) and then we would hang out at night, watching movies and drinking together.

After he came back from Christmas break, I realized I had a problem — I was totally falling for him.

A week after the “breakup,” Sam asked her, “So are we dating other people? The others began interviewing prospective replacements and got a call from a young painter named Justine.

” She said he could, but she didn’t want to hear about it: “He said, ‘But I want to share the details with you,’ and later I found out that he was dating someone in the same building.” Haunted by visions of Sam’s bringing the woman home while they were still sharing the apartment, Deirdre decided they should both give up their lease. Alex liked her as soon as he met her—she was slim and curvy and, more important, artistic.

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