Dating your mg midget

Rapid development of the overhead cam sports and racing cars through the early 1930's led to subsequent C , D, J, P, Q, and R type Midgets, this being MG's most exciting period.

Then came the first of the T Type Midgets the TA in late 1936, culminating with the TF model of 1954.

This Triumph engine was mated to a fully synchromesh gearbox taken from the Morris Marina range.

By this time however the two models had become identical in all but badge.The Mk I Midget, as announced in June 1961 and fitted with a 46.5bhp 948cc BMC "A" series engine was quite basic, with a very simple interior, sidescreens and stowaway hood.However it did just what its creators intended, and offered sporting motoring for minimum cost.When the TF's successor, the MGA, was being planned, it was considered the car had by now grown too large to be referred to as a Midget any longer, and so the name was dropped, not being revised until the new semi-monocoque car was launched in 1961.The first 'modern' Midget was essentially a re-badged Austin Healey Sprite Mk II which itself was a development from the the original 1958 Mk I Sprite, more frequently known as the Frogeye.

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