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Human trafficking is one of the most heinous crimes on Earth.Right now traffickers are robbing a staggering 24.9 million people of their freedom and basic human dignity—that’s roughly three times the population of New York City.Through the annual Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP Report), we assess comprehensively what governments around the world are doing to combat this crime.The TIP Report is an invaluable tool to arm ourselves with the latest information and guide our action at home and abroad.

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We must reinvigorate our shared commitment to extinguish human trafficking wherever it exists. Achieving these objectives requires sound information and tried-and-true approaches.

The PDF is available as a complete one-piece file and as individual sections for easier download.

To view the PDF files, you will need to download, at no cost, the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The Department of State joins the Trump Administration, community leaders, global allies, and the survivors in our shared fight to end human trafficking. Rather, we must harness innovation and ingenuity to prevent trafficking, identify and empower those who have survived it, and send the strongest message possible to traffickers that we will not tolerate their despicable and criminal acts. Pompeo Dear Reader: This is an important time for us to be engaged in the work of stopping traffickers, protecting victims, and tackling the systems that allow the crime to thrive.

Traffickers continue to operate with impunity and only a small fraction of victims receive trauma-informed, victim-centered support services.

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