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As you get to know this guy, you will know when he should be at work, so why can’t he talk at 7 pm?Most single men aren’t consistently busy in the evenings, and if he doesn’t have a good excuse as to why he has limited availability to talk to you (like he’s a volunteer fireman saving children and puppies), then run for the hills, lady.How to Call Him Out: Push for a reason as to why he refuses to meet your friends/family or introduce you to his.If he has no good excuse (like the kids one), then toss that fish back into the sea.A 0 dinner at the local steakhouse might cause her to raise an eyebrow, and then this player’s game would be over.How to Call Him Out: The next time you have a large expense together, like a hotel stay, tell him in advance that you’ll cover it.Also, pay attention to how he responds to getting calls or texts while you’re with him.

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While some people are just rude like that, there are few people besides this guy’s mother that he should interrupt a date with you to talk to. His account has such high privacy settings that the Pope himself couldn’t even access your man’s photos. How to Call Him Out: If you know he’s active on social media and he’s just ignoring your friend request, ask why.

You’re staying the night together once every few weeks…only it’s always at your house.

You’re dying to see where he lives if only to find out if there are a wife and kids hiding somewhere.

If you pay attention, do you notice a lighter strip of skin on that left ring finger where the sun hasn’t touched in years (maybe decades?? He may be so surprised at your ingenuity that he ends up telling the truth.

If every time you call him he either doesn’t answer or seems otherwise occupied, this might be one of the signs you’re dating a married man, unfortunately.

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