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Early scanlations translated the main character's name as Raito.The official releases of the manga, and later scanlations, referred to him as Light.In rough order of popularity, the main yaoi ships are L/Light, Mello/Matt, B/L, Mello/Near and Light/Mikami, the het ships are L/Misa and Light/Misa and there are no significant yuri ships.The Mello/Matt ship is the only popular ship where both participants are fully on the same side, and was almost unknown in the early days of Death Note fandom until it was popularized by doujinshi focusing on the pairing.Fresh Baked is one of the rare English-language doujinshi circles.

Another source of conflict is the "Raito"/"Light" divide.

The most famous Death Note story is probably the 359,850-word epic "Poison Apple" by Robin Rocks and Narroch, a controversial but extremely popular L/Light rapefic that won the 2008 UFO Awards in the Death Note category for both first place and for members' choice.

By April 26, 2010 Death Note was the twelfth most popular fandom in the anime/manga section of as measured by the number of stories.

Established-relationship canon ships include: On Live Journal many communities have sprung up to focus on specific popular ships such as L/Light, Mello/Matt and L/Misa.

More Death Note shipping and shipping-related communities with a more general focus include: The earliest Death Note story to appear on was "A Cup of Tea" by Cheryl-chan on May 31, 2004, focusing on the L/Light ship.

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