Demi lovato is dating sterling knight

Throughout her career in many interviews she talks about her struggle of getting bullied, which was something that forced her to switch to home school.She is known for posting inspirational content for her young audience preaching self love and motivating them to take a stand. The former Disney star, Demi Lovato has grown up unlike her co-stars, with calmness and serenity, without the breakdown or fall through of changing the goody shoe princess image.She has been in front of the camera since the early age of ten, Barney and Friends was her stepping stone into the limelight. They did for about a week after the show then after they broke up! Streling is now dating the star from Jonas, Chelsey Staub. Sorry this isn't an answer rather as it is a reply to the answer. Demi was earning from an early age of ten, not only through her acting but also through her singing.

The Sonny with a Chance star has two half-sisters, younger one named Madison De La Garza who is also an actress, and the elder one is called Amber Lovato.She also appeared as a judge for the television series ‘The Xfactor’ in 2012.She appeared as a spokes model for Sketcher in 2014 and face model for Tampax in 2015.Lovato is still growing and potentially has a lot to offer.Her raw voice and seraphic music represent soul and meaning of the hardships that she had to face, while struggling to fight against her own demons.

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