Depredating feral hogs speed dating csulb

He and the neighbors, from what I'm told are all for killing hogs, the neighbors are all old time farmers who settled down and just raise cattle and don't actively try and kill the hogs due to age, so the population in the area has exploded.

My question is, according to Texas law, as land agents acting with permission of responsibility of the land, we are technically allowed to kill hogs with out a Texas permit correct? Are we allowed to act as land agents and kill this invasive species without permit?

Hey /r/hunting Thanks in advance for the help, always loved this community.

Anyway, like the title suggests I need help with a few questions about the Texas wildlife laws.

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After contacting state legislators, go the next step and contact the bills' author, Frank Bigelow, and tell him you are opposed to this bill. They love wildlife visiting their properties so there will be safe havens for them here and there. Always thought it was kinda strange the way Cali treated feral hogs as "game animals" when they wiped out goats and deer from some of the channel islands for being "non-native" I think it's a good thing.A bit of a backstory is that myself and two friends, one of which is 1/3rd owner of 140acres of private prime land, are heading down to Texas from out of state to spend a couple weeks relaxing in the middle of nowhere.Our plan is to fish, off road, target shoot, late night bonfires and brewskies :).Any other insight on anything related to Texas hogs, fish and snakes would be helpful. I suggest having your guy leave a trail of corn along a road before you arrive, so they can get used to the corn being there. There are no laws about shooting snakes to my knowledge, shoot em all.Im not sure about fishing, since it's private property probably not.

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