Desperate dating 10 mistakes that will keep you single

Speaking from experience, I can tell you it’s not a role you want to take on. Because being a Needy Nancy will have you dating a serial cheater and convincing yourself that it’s love.

It’s desperate and shows a major lack of self-confidence; which is so un-Venus like.

Libra is an Air sign, which means that they often need a bevy of projects, interests, and passions to keep them stimulated.

The danger of this though, is taking on too many interests and projects that either never get completed or fall totally by the wayside.

Getting things done in smaller increments, saying no to time-wasters, and keeping a schedule are ways to help you become more grounded and reliable.

If all else fails, you can always go to a Capricorn for help!

Nor should looks and material worth prevent you from seeing that the super cutie you keep falling for is nothing more than a narcissist.

Before you lose your cool over the next hot body that crosses your path, take a minute to assess their non-physical qualities.

Have you ever made plans with someone and forgot all about them?Blessed with the ability to see the other side of an argument and knowing just what to say to smooth things over, Libras are natural born diplomats.However, as a sign whose least favorite thing to do is to argue (see Aries for that), your smiles can quickly turn into frowns when you fail to express your true feelings about a matter.When this doesn’t happen Libras can be all too ready to dole out advice in an effort to help correct the issue.I had a Libra boss who once gave all of us on staff copies of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People as holiday gifts. Unfortunately, this habit of giving unsolicited advice has earned Libra an unflattering reputation as being bossy, critical, and pretentious. Though in Libra’s defense the intent is often well-meaning.

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