Detailsview itemupdating example

event is raised when an Insert button within the Details View control is clicked, but after the insert operation.

This allows you to provide an event handler that performs a custom routine, such as checking the results of the insert operation, whenever this event occurs.

I dont know how to wrie an event_handler ,specifically, for...

Datagrid(1.1) to Grid View(2.0) and using the Row Updating event how to extract the values from the controls.

I am using a Details View to update an existing SQL Server record.

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If we are using Details View control in our website then we can display a single record at a time, so we must do paging with Details View control for show all the record one by one…..

Previous posts have said the sqldatasource Updated event has an exception in it, but I don't get any Updated event. Can anyone tell me how to get some clue what is happening?

Thanks, Terry Why don't you capture the Sql Data Source's Updating and Updated events and see what's happening prior to the actual SQL Update? I was changing the sqldatasource from one that includes all rows in the table to one that only includes a specific row, the one I want to edit.

Here is the source code to update all the columns in Details View with edited data.

Note that regard less of old values and new values database is updated with all the data in Details View(edited columns and non-edited columns).

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