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Lindsey Marie Shaw celebrated her 28th birth anniversary on 10th May 2017. Records have it that Shaw and her mum relocated to Los Angeles in 2002.

It’s said that the move was inspired by the need for Shaw to pursue her dream career.

He seized the opportunity to remind everyone it’s just a drama.“It was a very complex decision, and it comes out of …

just try(ing) to see how best to keep things interesting. Her fans were thrilled and Lindsey Shaw was excited as well. The character has been one of the best parts of her life, career, and journey, the actress divulged.

Check Out – Chris Jansing Bio, Married, Husband, Net Worth, Salary, Body Measurements It won’t be surprising if people assume Lindsey Shaw is gay.

She is mostly known for her lesbian character in “Pretty Little Liars”.

Shaw also gained much attention for herself when she was distinguished as the lead cast on the 2009 ABC Family series – “10 Things I Hate About You”.

Angel4321: in 2007 they officialy broke up andnow he likes Karen grace He is now with a girl named Molly.

If you go on his youtube which is werkingitout, he talks about her.

Pretty Little Liars’ fans were unpleased after the end of the season five episodes. It later emerged the writing crew came up with the moving-to-California story because Shawsters (Lindsey Shaw’s nickname) will no longer appear in the series, the Paige Mc Cullers character has been eliminated and it was a big deal.

Joseph Dougherty, the executive producer had to explain the decision to eliminate the character.

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