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Was hoping she would figure it out through detective work rather than walking in on him.

And then Dexter just admitting that he is a serial killer rather than trying to convince her it was a one time thing. It was sad that Mike was killed while Bautista and Quinn who have so many problems continue their lives.

Wife and I started watching this series a couple months ago. Dexter still has three kids to take care of so even without Rita he is still going to have to try to be a happy family man that kills people.

I dont see why they couldnt have continued to coexist.

Hall Dexter’s actor Morgan in Showtime television Show Dexter is allegedly dating a young girl named Vanessa Abrue, some said is a middle age crisis and might not even be taking his affair with Vanessa seriously she is the other hand is over the moon about her secret relationship with the actor who she referees to as Ginger so people won’t know about who is she talking about, Check what we know about Michael C.

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I think she said she felt "glad" after Dexter killed Spetzer. I think Deb is going to start using Dexter's dark passenger skills in the homicide department. La Guerita is going to keep investigating the old BHB case and eventually find out who Dexter is and also find out that Deb has known and been using his skills. Once she finds this out, being the selfish person she is, she will try to bring them both to justice to further her political career. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum. The episode opens with Dexter rushing to open his trunk to get his killing tools.

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