Did mischa barton dating ben mckenzie

“It sort of took me a minute to jump on board with what exactly was going on and why certain things were such triggers for people.”Following those more intense moments that Barton said “come in waves,” things do cool off and settle down.

Those moments also became more manageable and easier to get through for Barton once she found her footing, her friends and allies on the show, and when she learned what to expect from the OG crew of drama-starters.

From the very first episode, Mischa's character was getting into trouble by sneaking cigarettes and vodka while trying to maintain a squeaky clean image.

Image: Warner Bros Televisionwrapped filming in 2007.

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”“They had a lot of unresolved drama that they really had to work through that I wasn't privy to,” Barton said.

What happened to Marissa Cooper's sister and Seth Cohen's ex-girlfriend?

Scroll through to find out…To marathon all four seasons of Mischa played troubled rich kid Marissa Cooper.

In fact, we're so pumped that we've cyber stalked all the stars of the hit series to find out what they've been up to since filming wrapped in 2007.

The California-based teen drama made its debut on streaming service Stan this week…and we're just a little bit over-excited.

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