Did nelly ashanti start dating

i dont take any of this seriously because it simply DOESNT APPLY TO ALL. I thought Nelly only had two children -- a girl and a boy. Back to the topic at hand, I always thought he and Ashanti were together. I get where Nelly was coming from with women needing to let a man be a man.. shoot, as far as im concerned, let him feel needed and help you out. Thanks He makes valid points on single women and I like the non-bitterness of his views.... sounds like code for they were bangin and it never got to relationship status... I have been a corporate American for a long time and I can assure you that the same crap that "thugs" try to pull goes on with the corporate brothers as well. We are getting married next year & he is perfect FOR ME!

if i was that dj i would have cute this interview b/c it's obvious that he was just being straight ignorant and trying to be an asshole......i also think that this was a publicity stunt b/c we all know he has been on the "D" list for a while now, and i honestly think he was even on the "D" list when he was at the peek of his so-called career. I'll say it again: Women would stay in their lanes more if they didn't have to cover both sides of the street more often than not. Now I'm 2 years into a relationship with a beautiful, loving & supportive man.

Ashanti dated the multi-talented Texas beau from 2003 to 2012 after cherishing their relationship of long-time that people thought they would be marrying any soon but the end broke the heart of several.

Claimed to fame in the early 2000s, Ashanti was held back by her then-lover Nelly while she was struggling to establish her career in the industry.

Her first movie was a biological sports drama “Coach Carter” in 2005 where she shared the screen with Samuel L. She also starred in the television film “The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz” as Dorothy Gale.

Ashanti Boyfriend List 2019: Ashanti is known for her glorious music and acting career but she is also perceived for her elite relationships and boyfriend.

"Tae used to be the side piece when he was 'officially' with Ashanti.

But Nelly decided to UPGRADE her to main chick - and drop Ashanti.

' He may not be 6'2 broad shoulders and all that..I've seen girls turn down a great guy because he doesn't look the part." "Then you got the guys who look the part, but don't act the part. Society has also put us in a rut--either brothers are in jail..don't like girls no more. What happened to struggling together like Flo and James Evans. A man of worth that has common sense wouldn't take the majority of these females out here seriously, the question is why do they take themselves seriously. In fact, they love it in the bedroom but in public many of them run the other way. Since I lost 50 pounds men who never looked are trying to holla. What I did not share is that I have dated a wonderful FINE dude for a long time.

Following her break up with Nelly, Ashanti dated professional footballer De Sean Jackson from 2013 to 2015 and consecutively had flings with James Harden and Darnell Dockett.

She also was in a relationship with R&B musician Chink Santana in early 2000 when she was just introduced to the industry.

She is 85 because her kids are blessings and enable her to have that lifestyle. speciallyy with his new track '' just a dream'' he was so not talking about shani... I hate when famous ppl think weere stupidd at a loww poiint.. listen clearly to what they r doingg theyy are playing with words thatss itt.

The more we become 'too independent' , the worse it will be for our relationships. They just want someone true, respectful and supportive.. I want my baby to have a man like him who listens to her, takes care of her needs, respects her and allows her to shine as a woman... I don't need to be in front and he NEVER allows me to be behind. Women in prior generations took care of their hair, the females of this generation can too they just do not choose to. There are REAL MEN who step up to the plate a stake their claim in their women. We as women need to get back to the basics and let our men be men. However, you gotta treat your man like he is GOLDEN. Phat is not where it is at because it is not healthy. Brothas use to look but you could tell they did not like what they saw.

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