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The Laws (slowly but surely) are changing to support and protect all people.

The first gay minister was appoint in the last decade, and people are starting to understand you can still achieve success and find acceptance as an out gay man or lesbian women.

In middle school I decided early that it was best to suppress the thought and feelings I had for other men.

And for the next six years of my life (from 12-18) that’s exactly what I did.

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I lied, had fake relationships, and stressed my masculinity so that I could be considered normal and not have to deal with the ridicule and judgment of society.

In the black community, when oppressions develop in society, black people have a history of finding a haven within the church.

Bernis was in his mid-thirties and initially seemed to be a nice person.

After a couple weeks of interaction between the two of them Timothy realized Bernis was Down Low (which he understood to be problematic but Timothy did not mind dealing with that aspect.) Timothy stopped interacting with Bernis when he saw a picture of him at a Vacation spot with a woman and two kids.

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    They find their maturity, independence and experience very appealing.