Documents required for validating the caste certificate

Here is a checklist of potential scenarios, and the documents that would be needed.In this case, the applicant will have to share the Community certificate documents of his nearest blood relative.While Community certificates have been an essential tool in ensuring that India’s SC/ST communities get a fair shot at education, employment and progress – the need to reserve quotas for them especially about school/college admissions and jobs continues to be a matter for divided opinion.There is a growing demand among the country’s educated class that getting admissions and/or employment opportunities need to be decided purely on merit and eligibility — and not on the basis of which caste the applicant belongs to.Once the lineage is established, no further documentation will be required.As a result, applicants can now submit a copy of a blood relative’s valid Community certificate to the district-level scrutiny committee, which is then published on the website of the Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Research and Training Institute (BARTI).The other frequent complaint associated with getting a Community Certificate is the long and often cumbersome online application for community certificate.

The (shepherd) community is now planning to begin a similar agitation seeking a quota in jobs and educational institutes under the ST category.

As mentioned earlier, a Caste Validity certificate is different from a Community certificate.

It is used expressly to validate the Community certificate.

If there are no objections within 15 days, the Community certificate is issued immediately without the need for any further supporting documents.

PUNE: Till the last year, caste validity certificate could be submitted by students after getting admission in their respective courses.

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