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However, what about instances that may not be so clear-cut?

We encourage you to discard any preconceived notions about what dog play should and should not look like — at least for the time being.

We have been videotaping dog-dog play for more than 10 years and, together with our colleagues, have analyzed hundreds of hours of data to test hypotheses about play.

We present our results at animal behavior conferences and publish in scientific journals.

Here, we focus primarily on dog play that some might consider “inappropriate” or “not safe.”In the field of animal behavior, researchers often refer to social play as “play fighting” because it includes many of the behaviors seen during real fights.

For example, during play, one dog might chase and tackle another, or use a neck bite to force a partner to the ground.

Meta-communication allows humans and dogs to pretend — that is, to perform actions that appear to be one thing but actually mean something completely different.

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Consider an example of a close canine friendship founded on unorthodox play.However, each time, Sam would try his hardest to get to Sage, despite the inevitable pinning.As Sam grew larger, eventually matching Sage in weight, Sage added body slams and mounting to their play.If she presses her body into yours and avoids looking at the other dog, she’s showing relief at the interruption and you should help her avoid the other dog.If she pulls against your grip in an attempt to interact with the other dog, release her.

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