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On the other hand, so far as we can tell, Mars, Jupiter’s moon Europa, and Saturn’s moon Titan all have the capability to support microbiotic life, either in the distant past (Mars), the present (Europa), or the distant future (Titan).Townsend says we should figure that one-quarter of planets supports life.Everywhere the right set of numbers turns up, intelligent life will emerge.The Drake Equation is an attempt to think about those numbers.However, Rich Townsend at the University of Wisconsin-Madison says that if we factor in smaller planets, virtually every star is likely to have some – if we only knew how to look for them.The third function, n(E), refers to the proportion of planets that are actually capable of supporting life.

It’s tempting to set this number at 10% – after all, one in eight of the planets in our solar system (Earth) is known to have life on it.

So far, with three variables accounted for, the Drake Equation suggests that one potentially life-supporting star comes into existence every four years, and that there are 25 billion candidate stars in the total history of the Milky Way Galaxy, which might plausibly have life on a nearby planet.

– Biological Variables – The final four variables of the Drake Equation assume that life is actually capable of first coming into existence from non-living organic compounds, and then of evolving into more advanced forms.

There is no scientific consensus on the exact process by which this happened in the first place, so there really is no way of knowing how likely it is to occur somewhere else.

However, this is another variable which Rich Townsend says is effectively 100%.

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