E dating exposed wicked

Her large breasts bounced and jiggled, drawing my eyes from appreciating my daughter's cleavage. “Weddings always make me randy.”I stiffened as my wife, a little tipsy, kissed me, her hand slipping down and rubbing at my hard bulge. Our daughter sniggered in the backseat before opening the door and climbing out.“Don't forget to take your medication,” my wife called, breaking our kiss to be a mother. “Mmm, what a great night,” my wife said, stretching, showing off her equally plunging neckline of her red dress. She had recently been diagnosed by a disorder—Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. Now Tiffany had to take a pill every night, one that would let her get a full night's sleep without any issue. I mean, she was so young, but my wife insisted.“She'll be out for the entire night,” my wife purred, stroking my cock.

I blinked at the sight of her swelling cleavage and then noticed how sleek her legs were. The towel hardly fell down low enough to cover her rear. It hardened and swelled, rising forward and catching on my underwear.

“The pill will keep her out no matter what we do.”I swallowed and padded down the hallway to her, my dick bouncing before me. My dick twitched, aching from the first cum as I hardened for a second. I had always loved porn where a man came on a women's body and another woman licked it up. My wife straddled our daughter's head and leaned down, tonguing at the cum pooling in Tiffany's bellybutton. Mmm, yes, give our daughter the bliss she yearns for.”“Yes,” I panted, drunk on i****tuous passion.

“Because you want to fuck our daughter.”“Betty, I never would.”“Why not? She swept her hair back behind her shoulders then licked a line of running cum that dribbled down our daughter's side. And my dick grew harder.“She has such cute breasts,” my wife moaned. Several lines had ran to our daughter's bellybutton, pooling in her little innie. My wife's fingers were a blur on our daughter's clit, rubbing Tiffany hard, driving her to her sweet release.

I pushed up my wife's skirt, slid up her sleek stockings. I moved higher and found her flimsy panties, the crotch soaked. Her fingers parted Tiffany's labia, revealing pink, virginal depths. My wife tongued faster, juices staining her lips.“You have to taste her, Phil,” groaned my wife.

Her hand reached in, pulling out my hard cock, stroking me.“Yes,” I groaned, breaking the kiss.“Let's go inside,” she purred. She climbed out of the car, adjusting her dress, then sauntered to the door. My wife darted down the hallway and then paused before our daughter's bedroom. I could only groan as my wife pressed against my side, her nipples hard on my flesh. My dick ached in her hand as I couldn't tear my gaze away from my daughter's sleeping form.“Isn't she blossoming into a beautiful, young woman? “Mmm, doesn't she make you ache with her sensuous form.”“Betty,” I groaned. Betty moaned as her tongue licked through the folds. She shuddered and squirmed on the bed, her thighs contracting. She moaned again, the sleepy gasps of a girl dreaming naughty passion. I groaned as my tongue flicked up to her clit, a small bud peaking out and begging to be played with.

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