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It's made her a very wealthy woman."She's never been on drugs. She always faked drug abuse to climb her way up the rock 'n roll ladder (from punk to pop)- and control other people with them. She sued to get Krist & Dave off the Nirvana $$$$$ list, and won in court. She said on her website at the time that they were just "side musicians".She manipulates her appearance through dieting, to keep her stoner street cred to sell records. She deliberately got pregnant to ensnare & marry Kurt. Frances started smoking at around 14 or so and has a cigarette addiction, is already possibly an alcoholic and might be messing around with drugs already. Courtney lies about everything and you can't believe a word she says.He called the people in the "Kurt and Courtney" documentary who dissed her "bitter left-behinds and desperate attention-seekers" and proclaimed her a complex, evolving and healthy human being". He's currently dating a schlock comedy movie producer with the porno star name of Shauna Robertson, a skinny, nodescript blonde. I used to read all the crazy shit that Courtney wrote on her website (BTW, she's now on Twitter, so predictable). Courtney Love is a goddess and you queens are unworthy.Anyways, she said that she got pregnant with Ed's child but had an abortion and dumped him for that married rock exec (and she ruined his career like she ruined Ed's career). Hole was an excellent band and Pretty on the Inside, Live Through This and Celebrity Skin were all great rock albums.Her Foot/Shoe size is 6½ (US) & Dress Size is 10 (US). He has never, NEVER acknowledged that they were anything more than "close friends." She, on the other hand, has never ceased yammering about their "relationship."She's claimed that they were "engaged" but that SHE dumped HIM, which she says she regrets.

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I remember the good press she got when she showed up at the 97 oscars, looking sensational.I don't think Brad Pitt would have touched her with a barge pole.I don't know, r47, if he'd fuck a drug addicted whore like Jolie, why wouldn't he fuck Love?If Courtney had the willpower to resist drugs while working as a stripper and being married to a junkie (who preferred being high by himself? The mentally ill find them especially soothing.[italic]Hole was an excellent band[/italic]Eric Erlandson co-wrote (or wrote) a good chunk of their material. "I think she represented some kind of challenge for him.) and being the leader of a famous rock band, why hasn't she been able to get her shit together for the last ten years? I said this before and it's as good a way to describe it as any: her mother said that Norton "made a project" of her daughter.

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