Endometrial dating noyes

A large number of molecular mediators have been identified to date, including adhesion molecules, cytokines, growth factors, lipids and others.

Thus, endometrial biopsy samples can be used to identify molecules associated with uterine receptivity to obtain a better insight into human implantation.

To determine whether biopsy caused early menstruation, the secretory phases of the 25 patients who had recorded temperatures in at least 2 cycles in addition to that in which the biopsy was taken were examined.

The secretory phase was definitely shorter in the biopsied than control cycle, suggesting that biopsy does accelerate the onset of flow.

To test the validity of the dating criteria, change in basal body temperature was used to correlate endometrial dating with ovulation rather than onset of menstruation.

When these same slides were reviewed by a single observer and the date for the most advanced area of the biopsy was used, 179 patients (60%) menstruated within 1 day of prediction.

Subjects in this group will be treated with personalized frozen-thawed embryo transfer.

The blastocysts were delayed or advanced transferred after ovulation depending on the endometrium dating in RIF group Exclusion Criteria: 1.

The clinical value of the endometrial histological dating in RIF patients in natural cycle is still to be answered.

In this study, we tried to investigate the clinical effects of p FET in unexplained RIF patients according to the use of classic histologic endometrial dating to estimate the timing of the window of implantation and to adjust embryo transfer time in natural cycle.

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