Engineer dating tips

I have the luck of having moved to an area with a higher than average amount of engineers.

I said it was information I couldn't use and not interesting and I wasn't enjoying the lecture. There might be a lesson there or it could just be a weird coincidence. Usually intelligent, financially responsible, loyal, etc. But mine was also quick to point out any kind of flaw, had no empathy, didn't believe in psychology, and thought me being able to feel and express my emotions made me a lesser person.

I feel that this interruption comes at the expensive of the conversation and rapport because it derails it with a 3 minute lecture. I don't have an issue with being correct and being wrong. I dont mind telling someone I don't know something either.

The difference is, I value building rapport and camaraderie over being factually correct especially on a 1st date.

And if someone continued our banter, and later said btw its lick not suck, I would be happy to know what is actually correct.

What's a good way to let a date know that i find this behavior off putting?

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