Error updating windows xp

Read our article on Windows Error Code 1 and take care of it today.

This error can occur when a computer does not have the most recently updated or correct drivers installed for a peripheral piece of hardware, such as a printer, scanner or other external device.

Follow the prompts as they appear to get the device drivers updated to the most current version.

Once you have located and copied the most current driver to your PC, go through the steps in the Driver Installation Wizard again and choose the file location of the driver that you have copied to your computer. Download the KB3102810 update but DO NOT install it yet. To rebuild (re-create) the "Software Distribution" folder follow the steps below: Step 3A: Stop Windows Update Service. Open Windows Services control panel: To do that: Step 3C: Start Windows Update Service. The process should complete successfully and the error will cease to be displayed.If the error persists, contact the vendor for advanced support.

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