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Melani has been interviewed by the New York Post, Huffington Post, The Steve Harvey Show, Katie.

Melani’s essay was included in the dating anthology, “Answers I’ll Accept”.

Anecdotally, some women told me they were tired of the chaos this was causing in their country and welcomed the massive outflow of tourism at the end of the event.

When with her man, the Russian woman wants to submit to his strength and his leadership.

Men generally have a very black and white classification for how women fit into their world.

You will not lose points for this like you would in the West.

Her coaching has helped build my confidence and quite literally has transformed my approach to the harrowing task of 21st century dating.

Hiring a cleaning lady is very rare in Russia and it is likely that your daughter will see it as a complete waste.

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She is an excellent presenter and the interactive, personalized nature of her workshop made it especially valuable. Melani normally charges 0 for this workshop, but she’s doing it for less than half price and every dime goes directly to help rescue horses saved from the slaughterhouse. Melani Robinson is a multiple award-winning blogger, podcaster, writer and online dating expert.Melani was named one of the “Ten Best Online Dating Experts” and one of the “5 to Follow”.Unlike American girls, you will not extinguish them by your advances.Russian women from all over the country come to work and study in these two cities because they have the best universities in Russia.

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