Feeling discouraged about dating

Just because your own mind is telling you to overthink about something, or be fearful about something doesn’t mean you have to. The best part is, you can put this tip into practice every time worry tries to slither its way in and ruin your day. When you overthink things, those thoughts and worries start to take over your mind.You can fight back against them by immediately doing something else that engages your brain.The reality is that most things that are worthwhile take a lot of effort and time to come to fruition. When we feel like we have failed at something, discouragement often follows. Once we see it, and feel it, we will also feel empowered and our discouragement will dissipate. When we do this, we are on the path of development. It is great to be inspired by another, but if by hearing another’s story, we feel that we are lesser, then we need to just focus on our own path. This can be a very hard one, especially if those people are family and loved ones. So what we should do is simply expand our social network. Start to surround ourselves with positive people as a balance.However, failure doesn’t really exist, except for the meaning that we give it. Feel what it would feel like if the image came into reality. Our ego is often the primary cause of our feelings of disappointment and discouragement. When we are internally strong enough to handle constructive criticism, and feedback, we receive the rewards of growth. When we are growing we feel good, and we aren’t discouraged. If our sole motivation for doing something is the reward that we might get from the action, then we are setting ourselves up for discouragement. We have a tendency to become who we most frequently associate with, and if we spend all our time with people who are constantly negative, and feeling sorry for themselves, we can be influenced to see life through a similar lens. Over time we will start to take on their mindset and this will help with any feelings of discouragement we may have.That simple “pause” and acknowledgment can help you come back to the reality of the situation and make it feel less scary and overwhelming.

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It also helps to give your brainpower a boost and increases your overall satisfaction with life. Explore your community, spend a night at a local bed and breakfast, take a staycation or take part in a local tourist attraction you’ve never seen before. It seems like a simple enough statement, but it’s hard to do for people who are chronic worriers or who tend to overthink everything.The truth is, you have the power to take control of your thoughts.When negative self-talk creeps in, you don’t have to believe it. But you have a choice on whether you let it take over.You’ve probably heard this expression before, but when you’re an over-thinker, you should really take it to heart.There are things in life you’re going to be able to control, and things you can’t.

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