Fighting after 2 months of dating

If you are trying to figure out whether you are where you need to be in terms of your romantic life, then consider the following clues. 1) You Two are Experiencing lots of Conflict Conflict is absolutely normal in any relationship.In fact, it’s often evidence of two strong and healthy individuals who are willing to voice their own desires and opinions.On the other hand, the two of you could bicker throughout the week and still maintain positive feelings for each other. Emmalee puts it simply: Sometimes, people fight because they're bored.

But still, there are some subtle (and some not so subtle) reasons that keep you unsure about whether this is the best relationship for you.

Monica gets (understandably) pissed, so Chandler assumes they broke up, freaks out even more and decides the only way to recover is by proposing to her.

Arguing seems to be a normal part of adult relationships. Chandler freaks out and, as a result, f*cks up big time by accusing Monica of only caring about babies and marriage.

If you fall more along the lines of a maybe, Emmalee warns “we can't actually change anyone, and change only works [if it's from] both sides.”Emmalee says the key piece of advice here is: If you're able to openly communicate your needs and concerns to your partner who's willing to work on change, then you're looking at a nice, healthy relationship.

If you and your boo are fighting a lot, don't fret too much.

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