Finedrive 400 updating procedures

This permits a disc hub to be loaded onto a spindle of a motor or other drive mechanism, and permits entry of a read-write head and a bias magnetic into the protective cartridge.

The disc, when rotated ,by the drive mechanism, permits the read-write head to access all portions of the disc media.

The cartridge shutter may have one or more locking tabs associated with it.

11, 1993 now abandoned, which is a continuation of U. Subsequently, when the operator desired to reproduce or read the previously recorded information, the laser enters a second operating mode.

Optical data storage systems are becoming an increasingly popular means for meeting this expanding demand.

More particularly, it relates to a system for rapidly encoding and writing information onto optical disks in a high density format, and for reading and decoding the information written thereon. Description of the Related Art: Overview The demand for mass data storage continues to increase with expanding use of data processing systems and personal computers.

In a first operating mode, the laser generates a high-intensity laser beam that is focused on a small spot on an information track of a rotating storage disc.

At the heart of an optical storage system is at least one laser (or other light source).

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