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Our bodies and minds and tolerance levels of each other were tested but the ticket sales and audiences were great and we had fun times. There is a clear imbalance across all mediums of comedy that leans in favour of the white, male standup.

Representation in all forms, not just gender, is important and it is lazy and ignorant to think that it is not a problem. We gigged in a weed room in Toronto for the 420 Festival, where the audience (and comics if they so wish) sit and get high as you perform.

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Watch BABESTATION live, 24 hours a day - click here to see the shows I dont think any new babe is a direct replacement for one who has left.

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Comparing Flo and Tara is rediculous and anyway its all down to personal opinion.

I would rather see Flo than Tara anyday, but then others wouldnt would they!

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