Freddy and lisa marie dating

She said she thought filing for divorce would wake him up.

"I left him to sort of stomp my foot into the ground," she said.

The next morning, it was all over the news that Presley had filed for divorce, supposedly blindsiding Jackson in the process.

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In a 2010 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Jackson's ex pinpointed the exact moment when, in her view, things took a turn for the worse between her and her husband. Winfrey clarified that by "vampires," Presley was referring to "sycophants" and the people Jackson kept in his life that allegedly took advantage of him.

Nonetheless, the couple set out to prove its union was rooted in love, but the dynamic didn't last.

Lisa Marie told Jackson to "Beat It" by filing for divorce in January 1996 — just 15 months after their wedding, reported , which remains the best-selling album of all time, with more than 33 million copies sold worldwide, as of 2018.

and Paris Jackson, before splitting in 1999, according to the Mc Manus believed Jackson was using his wife because of her iconic family tree — in particular, the fact that she's the daughter of the legendary Elvis Presley.

"He thought he could manipulate Lisa Marie to get hold of her dad's music catalog, Michael wanted her dad's songs — not her," Mc Manus alleged.

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