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Still, the necessity to know and understand others is paramount for, as you needed to know how to harm before, now you needed to know how to help.This necessity is ignored by the next incarnation of the Golden Rule, Positive Golden Rule.

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How do you know doing something for him that you’d like to have done for you is something he’d appreciate?Because of this I see nothing positive coming from the positive variant of the Golden Rule, nor do I even feel comfortable in letting it share the title of “Golden Rule” for its flawed basis carries the potential, often manifested, to run counter to the original Golden Rule in that it leads to harm for others.It is this very disconnect that I see as the primary divisive force between secularists and evangelicals in America and why we will ALWAYS have to battle the encroachments of the evangelicals into both public and private lives.It may seem amazing that from basic fear and the need to be able to give weight to a threat, humanity first came to know and understand one another, but I find it highly plausible.Sure it’s wholly selfish in it’s motivation, but by forcing understanding it may force respect as well.

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