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You can save all the conversations such as chats and tickets under one single platform.

It provides voice and video chatting without any extra installation.Using this chat tool, you can have real-time conversations with your customer anytime.It provides features such as chat routing where chats from customers can be routed to other active agents instead of delaying the response; tracking and monitoring visitors on your webpage to help you understand the customer activity and measuring performance and customer satisfaction based on escalated reports, solutions provided and feedback. To achieve this and to have a unified conversation with them, the support reps need to have tools that can help them get in contact with the customers faster and easier.Apart from the emails and social media, it is also necessary for support reps to be online on chat for a quick solution or for one-to-one conversations. A chat tool is a tool that is designed to help support reps to have continuity and ease in communication.

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