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In total it estimated that about 1.3m Australians (about 350,000 males and 950,000 females) had experienced abuse.When a friend just stops talking to you it can be kind of hard on you. Some people have a hard time dealing with emotions so they just ghost you with no warning.If this happens to you, you might try dealing with someone in a new way and here are some suggestions for how to deal with this situation so you don’t go absolutely bonkers.If your friend didn’t respond to your social media message, try to communicate with them in a totally different way.Most are abused by family members or others in a position of trust, many of them pillars of the community.Unless they are helped to heal many later turn to drugs; some die of overdoses.

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If that is the case then you should just keep trying to check in with them.

If you can think of something maybe you can preemptively apologize or see what you can do to remedy the situation.

Have you ever heard the phrase that the world doesn’t revolve around you?

It’s easy to say “but I’ve been such a good friend! Think about things you have done, though it’s hard to say whether or not it is that thing bothering them since you’re not a psychic!

But, maybe you have been talking about them or they feel betrayed by something you have done.

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