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In fact, day trading (aka actively buying and selling stocks) leads to losing money 80% of the time according to one study.

The Bogleheads caution against being an emotional investor because this leads to making too many changes and poor investment returns in the long run. Bogle recommends investing in a diverse portfolio and investing in low-cost index funds.

Brett: Brett Mc Kay here and welcome to another edition of The art of manliness podcast.

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Then explain that when someone buys a cup of coffee from Starbucks, This can also be an opportunity to show your kids that they can vote with their wallet by supporting companies whose values align with their own.

They emphasize allocating a meaningful amount of your monthly income each month toward saving.

It’s never too late (or too soon) to start building your financial well-being.

Bills pile up and personal debt weighs us down and sometimes it feels like we are never going to get ahead financially. is also, has a book coming out later this year called Your Money the missing manual, and you can preorder it on right now, and J.

Well our guest here has been in that situation, but he has shown that it is possible to get ahead, he is recently paid off ,000 with a credit card debt and has catalogued it on his website, his name is J. Roth and he is the author of the personal finance blog in Get rich slowly. D.’s site the most inspiring personal finance blog on the net and one of the 25 best money website.

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