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If you need assistance while I’m away, please contact [Name] at [Email].Best, [Your Name] [Your Greeting] Your message is important to me and I will respond as soon as possible.You also don’t want to be stuck in the office on your last day before vacation trying to figure out how to set and write an out-of-office email.This is why we decided to help you by providing 7 examples of best out-of-office emails.It can be anything from a free ebook, download of your latest case study, or a code for a trial version of your product.Your customers will feel less frustrated with the fact they can’t reach you at the moment and you will get an opportunity to share and promote your work. Unfortunately, I will be out of the office from [Date] to [Date] with no access to email.

Use the end of your message for a call to action, whether you want your recipients to sign up for a course, read your latest blog, promote a demo, get involved in your business community…

For assistance please contact my colleague [Name] at [Email].

In case you want to learn more about our new [Service/Product]…

For example, each out-of-office email should state how long you are going to be unavailable, when the return date is, and whom to contact in your absence.

Emails can range from strictly formal to funny, depending on the occasion and intent.

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