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The Egyptian Pharoah Amenophis III, who fathered Akhenaten, had a harem that included his wife, two Syrian princesses, two Babylonian princesses, one Arzawa princess, two princesses from Mitanni, and numerous Egyptian concubines.What all of these men have in common (apart from voracious sexual appetites) is their social status and power. But until this point Ben Higgins has dated no fewer than 20 women simultaneously, both with their consent and also with the approval of a captivated public.It’s an unconventional modern love story but it is hardly novel: this 21st-century reality show is in some ways just the latest example of a romantic arrangement available to high-status men for thousands of years.The only limitation on the size of the harem was the nobleman’s personal finances.The Aztec ruler Montezuma II apparently had a harem of 4,000.

Solomon is not the only ruler with high-class tastes.

The reproductive impulse would have spurred him to disseminate his genetic code far and wide. They are architectural examples of unbridled male dominance.

In fact, geneticists in Russia claim that 16 million people from China to the Middle East are descended from him. Within the structures of the harem, though, women vied for position and authority.

Harems take money to maintain and power to acquire.

From an evolutionary standpoint it makes sense that powerful men, like Genghis Khan, took the most beautiful women from captured nations and placed them in his harem.

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