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I knew exactly what I wanted, a diary of a particular format that started when I wanted and went on for how long I wanted.

I thought, surely there must be other people with the same problem, but nobody was doing anything about it, so TOAD was born with the concept of the ‘Date-Flexible Diary’.

This has given us total in-house control and means we deliver consistent quality and rapid delivery times to all our customers. You start with something in your head, a concept that gets talked through with your team, and then turned in to something real and tangible that you can deliver.

Knowing you have the ability to do that is most empowering.

If you'd like to know what inspired the creation of TOAD®, and some of the quirks of the owner, then read on!

Tim Grinsdale is the Director of TOAD Design Group, based in Brighouse.

We already sell across the country but want to be more recognised for our differentiating products, customer service and quality values.

We aim to expand our reputation for providing customers unprecedented freedom to choose, which will be enabled by building on our existing proprietary technologies.

We now have a full bindery operation, resourced by our own staff, each with many years’ experience in the bookbinding industry.We also hope to develop an increasing overseas presence within the next 3-5 years – the only constraints are those we put on ourselves.I love everything to do with space and cosmology, so any company that is playing a part in the exploration of space.We don’t just want to be a ‘me too’ business that follows the trends of others.Build and test your financial business model thoroughly.

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