Helgga dating

4th Grade Student Former "It Girl"Former Bully5th Grade Student (Hey Arnold!

The Jungle Movie)6th Grade Student (end of Hey Arnold!

Helga is very jealous/resentful of Lila, who Arnold has a crush on from "Arnold & Lila" to "Timberly Loves Arnold".

Unlike Helga, Lila displays indiscriminating compassion, intelligence and stylishness — all qualities Helga both resents and outwardly lacks.

Helga's catch phrase is "criminy", which she apparently picked up from her father.

She is allergic to strawberries (see "Quantity Time"), which cause her to break out in hives.

Usually every encounter with Brainy has Helga punching him between the eyes, which became a running gag for the series — indeed, in one episode in which Helga believed she had lost contact with her emotions and simply responded casually to Brainy and left, he became nervous and ended up punching himself.

Helga's jealousy of Lila worsens when Olga "bonds" with her in a "big sisters" program in the episode "Big Sis".These poems and monologues were simpler in the earlier episodes, but grew in their intensity as the series progressed.Aside from poetry, Helga exhibits further evidence of cultural experience, being able to identify the work of Edward Hopper and make reference to George Orwell's 1984 in "Helga on the Couch".This has never been mentioned on the show, only referred to by her initial.Her surname Pataki is originally a Hungarian surname, meaning "one who lived by a brook or stream." Helga could be classified as a tomboy, as evidenced by her interest in playing contact sports alongside her male classmates and disregard/dislike for stereotypical female behavior, although this is countered by her fondness of the color pink and otherwise girly clothing choices.

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