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Specific regions also have their own traditional female garments.

It is said that Indians are curious and they love to talk and this is true when it comes to Indian girls as well.

I had an attic at the top part of my room which was meant to put stuff, but is was largely empty with some of my old books lying there. I came to know he was a scholar in Islamic Philosophy and was in the same department as my father and mother. He had very tight muscles; his chest was very wide, and hairy. Soon they were spending most of their time together.

Surprisingly I was super excited from this effort, rather then feeling enraged. It was around 11 when I heard noises from adjacent room.

The prospect of her cheating on her husband and a love affair between my Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati and a devout Muslim man, Kaleem Mujahid titillated me oddly. They were all shot by a camera and it was Mujahid’s own sex sessions with 3 different women. I went to attic and noticed, mother had just come out of the bathroom and was dressing herself up.

The next whole day in school I imagined whether Parvati and Mujahid kiss each other while being in office or in car or elsewhere. There was more than 150GB of data with more than 1000 files. She opened up her closet and took out her wedding saree as I had seen in her album.

Her steamy sexual encounters with that Muslim man are detailed here.

this is the first part, more parts will be sent if you upload this on your website. She came to Lucknow University for her doctorate in Ancient Hindu Philosophy when she was 23.

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