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As it is in Texas, HPV vaccination for students in Australia is optional.

But unlike Texas, where parents are generally expected to have their children vaccinated on their own time, Australia decided to bring the vaccine directly to the kids — by offering the shots at school. it’s harder to reach kids that way,” said Divya Patel, an assistant professor at the University of Texas System Population Health Initiative who has studied HPV vaccination in Texas.

“This is a preventable disease, and we should and can be doing more,” said state Rep.

Jessica Farrar, a Houston Democrat who has advocated for more robust HPV vaccine coverage.

Public health leaders there rolled out a nationwide program that offered the HPV vaccine to girls for free at their schools.

The success of those programs has positioned Australia as the “first country that is likely to eliminate cervical cancer as a public health issue,” researchers wrote in a study published by medical journal The Lancet late last year.Dennis Bonnen, the Angleton Republican who authored the bill overturning Perry’s order, told .(Bonnen, now the Texas House Speaker, did not respond to emailed questions.) The blowback would haunt Perry for years.Within weeks, Texas lawmakers revolted against Perry’s order — and with support from Democrats and Republicans, the Legislature voted overwhelmingly to torpedo the mandate.“We did not want to be the first in offering young girls for the experiment to see if this vaccine is effective or not,” state Rep.

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