Hsper fdating

Their adventures continue, as her brain briefly fuses with Alex's, and survives an alien invasion of the Waverly Place Substation.By the end of the season, Harper and Justin's relationship would grow from a one-sided obsession to a friendship, despite Alex's attempts to destroy it.She also warns her about 'Dean's Corner' at the rolling ring.

Grounded, Alex later tells Harper that she intends to win the Wizard Competition. In season 3 Harper survives an infestation of monsters in New York, a group of monster hunters trying to arrest her, and helping the Russo with their Halloween party.Alex is shown that, despite appearing not to care for some people's humiliation, she does care for Harper, when she goes to Gigi's tea party at a hotel with an unspeakable name in order to stop her from humiliating Harper as Gigi planned.Unknowingly to Harper, her magical adventures with Alex would follow to a fashion magazine and a magically brought to life mannequin.Despite this, the two appear to know each other very well as Harper seems to usually be around the Russo house and restaurant.It is shown that Harper harbors a strong crush on Justin, despite his disinterest in her.

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