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They again tried to run out the clock, but on second down, Browns tackle Cody Risien was called for illegal motionnegating a five-yard run by Mike Pruitt and backing the Browns up five yards.This would be the difference in the success of the drive, as Pruitt was tackled by Scott Studwell a yard short of the line to gain on third down.

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Vikings comeback Kramer led a drive for the Vikings in response that resulted in a second touchdown pass, this time to running back Ted Brownwith 5: Danmeier then missed another extra point, meaning the Vikings still trailed by two scores, 23— The Browns received the ensuing kickoff and began trying to run out the clock with repeated handoffs to running back Mike Pruitt.The solo debut album consisted of thirteen songs that demonstrated her talent and skill in singing.On 14 December, Joong and Hwangbo departed from the show due to programming conflicts.She is also a member of a charity group, Compassion.This group performs across the South Korea and donates all of the money they make.

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